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Improve Virtuemart Security

SecureVM is an extension that removes spammer / hacker targets from Virtuemart 1.1.4 /  1.1.5.


Important! - If Joomla! security recommendation are followed and Virtuemart is upto date your installation is secure. It is not being suggested here that that is not the case.


This extension has been developed after an extensive review of the server logs specifically monitoring for malicous requests. The results indicate that although the site being targeted (your site) is secure there can still be numerous hack requests targeting specific files wihtin Virtuemart.


The goal of SecureVM is remove these targets.



Wildcard SSL Certificates
VM Turbo 1.1

Bundled Extensions for Virtuemart 1.1.4

VM Turbo 1.1 is a bundle of fixes and extensions developed by EXPS for Virtuemart 1.1.4. The bundle contains:

  1. PayPal Web Standard payment code using xcart
    • shows order lines and order number in PayPal, fixes totaling errors
  2. Replacement of cart basket files
    • correct calculations / display errors on discounts and taxes
    • consolidates basket html file into one file
    • separates presentation and application logic for easier maintenance / enhancements
  3. Replacement of Coupon code
    • added coupon control by status
    • inclusion of coupon in the cart for session handling
  4. MetaFix for product and category
    • added meta descriptions and keywords for improved SEO
  5. Tax Exemption by product
    • Add ability to apply tax exemption at two levels (e.g. GST and PST)
    • improved code for tax calculations

Cost: $54

To order VM Turbo 1.1 please email us with your request.