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Bundled Extensions for Virtuemart 1.1.4

VM Turbo 1.1 is a bundle of fixes and extensions developed by EXPS for Virtuemart 1.1.4. The bundle contains:


Wildcard SSL Certificates

List of Completed Projects

  • Product Constraints Extension – Redesign of Virtuemart e-commerce application to create selection constraints on Advanced and Custom Attributes which determines available product configurations. Uses jQuery libraries to provide instant price updates (processing in the browser) and inline selection notifications.

  • Attribute Shipping – Developed shipping module that calculates shipping charges based on option selected (mail/pickup) and eliminates carrier selection step.

  • Store Locations Extension – Major re-design of Virtuemart e-commerce application which uses Google Maps API for shopper to store distance calculation, calculates tax based on zip, automatically calculates shipping, adds delivery/pickup scheduling, jQuery UI and routes confirmation to store/department/user.

  • PayPal Direct Payments – Developed PHP 5 class for doDirectPayment API for custom cart solution for direct credit card payments.

  • PayPal Recurring Payments – Developed PHP 5 class for createRecurringPaymentProfile API for custom cart solution for subscription ordering.

  • Custom Attribute Control – Bug Fix and Modification to control input of Custom Attribute so input is a textarea which is enabled/disabled based on user selection and fixed number of characters can be inputted:

  • Mass Price Updater - Developed an extension that updates product prices based on commodity price (e.g. gold).

  • Migrate Joomla 1.0.8 to Joomla 1.5.18 – Created custom scripts to port content for SOBI, reimplemented PHOCA Gallery, JEvents, eWhether, AlphaContent.

  • Joomla / Virtuemart - Re-implementation incorporating SSL, PayPal Direct Payments, developed advanced shipping rate calculation based on ZIP and USPS.

  • VMGeoIP – Developed plug-in that detects shopper country based on IP address and controls add to cart availability. Shoppers in control country(s) must order from local distributor.

  • VM Turbo1 – Bundled solution set of bug fixes and new functionality for Virtuemart including; basket, coupon product tax exemption, metafix and PayPal Standard.

  • CPSOL – Canada Post rate calculator using Sell Online API. Rebuild of existing module providing bug fixes and additional functionality; error handling, ready to ship, free ship, broker message, handling fees and improve admin UI.